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Root Chakra Healing ❤️‍🩹

  • 45 min
  • 111.11 US dollars
  • Online session

Service Description

The root chakra, known as the muladhara chakra, is the base chakra. It's the fundamentals. People rush to achieve third eye activation, and that will come eventually, but you have to master the basics. There's nothing basic about healing your foundation. The root chakra deals with our basic needs of security: food, water, shelter, love, and finances. It deals with our ability to feel safe and grounded in this world. We want to manifest these great things, but how can we achieve that if we lack trust in the universe. Issues with the root chakra has physical manifestations as well. Constantly feeling tired or overwhelmed, bad diets, and aches and pains in your lower body So if your back and legs and hips have been hurting a lot, this is for you. Lately, I've been feeling my stress in my right knee. And that was a clue that I had work to do. You may also constantly feel soreness in your feet, your bones, rectum, even your teeth. Blockage to this chakra can cause depression, issues with weight as well as immune disorders. Our negative energy can literally kill us. Taking care of your spiritual health IS taking care of your physical health You may feel like you'll never have enough or that you'll constantly go through issues with your financial security. You may be afraid to be excited for goodness in your life because you expect things to go wrong. You always feel guilty. It starts in your root chakra. If this resonates, allow me to reiki this negative energy to remove this blockage

Cancellation Policy

Thank you so much for booking a service with Healing With Nay I appreciate you, your patronage, and the fact that you’d trust me with your energy. Please make sure that you’ve sent the correct information so that I can contact you for your appointment. While I don’t do refunds, if you realize that you’re busy at the time of your appointment, that’s okay! The first reschedule is free of charge but after that, you would be required to re-book. Make today a great day, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out ✨

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online services Atlanta, GA, USA

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