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Meet Nay



My name is Nay.


I am a messenger, a bearer of truth, and a facilitator of healing. My journey with Healing with Nay began during a "what am I even doing?" phase of my life when uncertainty clouded my path. I didn't have a clue what I wanted, but deep down, I knew I wanted to help people. Turns out, through helping others, I unearthed my true self.

Enough about me though, let's talk about you. It's time to prioritize yourself. Cultivating abundance, love, creativity, and positivity begins with self-investment and it starts with giving yourself some TLC. Way too often, we bend over backward to meet everyone else's expectations, totally ghosting on our own needs in the process. Healing With Nay provides a non-judgmental sanctuary where we can embark on our healing journey together.


I pour so much into my business because I've been there & done that! I've navigated through depression and confronted my own depths. Not only did I emerge from darkness, but I have also been called to guide others toward the light. Let's laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, and unpack all that baggage we've been lugging around. With a mix of intuition and astrology, we're going to dig deep, toss out what's holding us back, and most importantly, rise above it all.


Your presence here is no coincidence.

Are you ready to heal?

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